Sunday, July 08, 2012

Happy, Happy, Happy

I've got some road trip stuff to share, but I'm going to put that on hold and share with you half of my stash enhancement from yesterday. (The other half is library acquisitions.)

I have THE BEST FRIENDS! We arrived home Friday night from a little jaunt north of here and I had an e-mail from a friend, M., who thought she remembered that I was the person who was interested in the jeans tool tote/purse canvas. Seems she knew where there was one and it was on sale. So yesterday morning I tried to leave early, but that didn't quite work as it was 85 or so when I woke up. I took my ice water and a second cup of coffee and headed off in the heat. 

But my reward was great. I got the canvas I wanted along with the stitch guide. And more. 

 I snagged a Charley Harper cardinal, a tulip on which to practice ribbonwork, and fun drinking canvas for the bar. I can't tell you how happy that jeans bag makes me. A friend of mine did this piece a few years back and I was reminded of it when perusing my stash of Needlepoint Now magazines. 

Who knew that almost as soon as I put this on the top of my wish list, it would fall into my hands?

I might have let a few other things slip into my bag like these little needlepoint cards. And the Janice Love book. And another Scarlet Letter sampler in colors that I love. 

So where did I get my bargains? At Needles in the Haymarket. This store is under new ownership and unfortunately for everyone, she's shedding her stock of hand painted canvas to focus mainly on the yarn side and cross stitch. Of course, file that under lucky for me.



Shaunterria Owens said...

Congrats on your excellent stash acquisitions - I'm looking forward to seeing these projects come together:)


Ann said...

It all looks like fun! Can't wait to see the progress on the purse, especially.

Ann said...

really looking forward to seeing the jeans purse come together!