Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stash Acquisition in Pennsylvania

We needed some place to stay for the night and had done some research online. Found ourselves a deal at the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster. Arrived here sometime before 5 p.m. totally wiped out from the heat. 

We asked the desk clerk about restaurant recommendations. She started with the restaurant in the factory. Then added a couple local brew pubs which I admit sounded good. And then we asked for local family style places. 

All those options. In the end we chose to stay in the hotel and not go back outside into the heat!

And what a choice we made. The Cork and Cap restaurant is doing a fantastic job updating classic comfort foods with fresh ingredients. DH had the fried chicken and I think he'd drive back to Lancaster just to have it again. We shared the divers scallops and pork belly appetizer which was out of this world. And then I couldn't resist matching their meatloaf and mac n cheese against my own. They win the mac n cheese by a nose. I win on the meatloaf. The mac n cheese was not baked and was topped with wilted spinach and a tomato relish. It was those darn tomatoes that gets them the win. I gotta figure out how they make this.

Here's most of what I bought on my mini-shopping spree. First up from Fireside:  Jane Zimmerman's metal thread on canvas book that is still available in print. Unlike several of her others. A valuable reference tool for my library. Two sizes of gold twist as I have an older pattern that calls for Kreinik Torsade which they no longer make. Watercolours for a flag project, Bravo for another project even though I've already picked a different thread. Now I get to choose between the original and my substitution. Some more Kreinik. Not a lot. But I was overwhelmed. I will definitely go back here next time I need a huge amount of threads. I will order online. I will call. Fireside is going on speed dial. 

Next up from Stitch N' Stuff:

Ooh. The new Halloween mag from Just Cross Stitch. Love it!
Two Cabins from Nancy's Needles. I let DH pick. I can see doing a few of these. 
Got most of the threads for this, too. 
One of the Prairie Schooler Santas that I am missing. And these three Halloween patterns that I think will look great stacked on a bellpull from Handblessings. 

We had a great time. And found a great candidate for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives in Frederick on our way home! Didn't go into a single quilt/fabric shop so obviously I will be going back to Pennsylvania.


Anna van Schurman said...

What's your triple D recommendation? We're heading down to Charlottesville soon.

C in DC said...

Love the Owl pattern. Who's the designer?

Donna said...

Owl pattern is Handblessings.