Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Catching Up On Reading

Yesterday I was catching up on some reading, among other things the January 11th issue of the New York Times Sunday magazine. It had an interesting article on blogging, but of course the focus is on teenagers and teenage angst driven prose.

My daughter has had one blog so long, that I know about it, and read it occasionally. (She knows.)Gives me a new perspective on her life. Though there is little we don't talk about already, sometimes her view point, as expressed for her friends, is extremely different from what we hear at the dinner table.

If I had access to blogging when I was a teenager, I would have spent hours typing.


Monday is minor foot surgery day for me. Enforced sit and stitch time. I've had to pass up a few fun activities for the following weekend, so maybe I should try to fit in a LNS shopping spree to balance things out karma wise...

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