Wednesday, February 18, 2004

That Beach Diet

It is time to make some changes. Today was a low carb kind of day. My first. I'm feeling kind of headachy. And a little bit grumpy. Good thing I'm not trying this while premenstrual.

But I'm not hungry.

So good bye, sugar. Good bye, white flour. It's been nice knowing you. But you haven't done me any favors. Ciao, wine. At least for now.

What really annoyed me was noticing all the opportunities to purchase food on my way to the dry cleaners. Burger King, vending machines with sodas, ice cream, and chips. Then I got stuck standing right beside the bubble gum machines filled with candy. I don't even normally crave sweets, but those stupid jelly things looked delicious.

I need some focus here. Food is good as fuel for the body. But not as a source of comfort. Get out and walk more. Try meditation. Go to a yoga class. Take kids with me to the gym and lift weights. Take a hike.

It's not losing the weight that's the issue. It's keeping it off.
Hmmm. This oughta be fun. Right. Ya.

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