Monday, February 16, 2004


My baby turned 15 yesterday. We had a low-key kind of day. I didn't bug him once about homework or cleaning his room - how's that for a teenage present?

For birthdays at our house, I take requests. You tell me your dream meal for that day, and I'll make it. DS decided to be a little bit tough on me, so we broke with tradition and went out.

He wanted to try sushi and various Asian style wrapped things. I knew about a lovely Asian restaurant with oodles of atmosphere. The meal was divine. And now I've got sushi addicts on my hands. Good thing I learned how to make it from a Japanese friend.

For his cake - another request - he wanted an orange cake that resembled a Creamsicle. Thanks to I managed to find out how to make a topping that's heavy on the dairy side. And voila! a cake that tastes like an ice cream confection.

All in all, a satisfying day.

Now back to the real world. Bills to be paid. Dishes to be washed. Dust to be moved around...

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