Monday, February 09, 2004

Just Checking In

I can't believe of all the stitching blogs that I check, that only 1 had a new post since Friday.
I guess everyone had a busy weekend. Me included.

I'm off to wrap and mail packages. One to SIL who is having back surgery this week in Texas. One to return something we didn't order, and fortunately they pay for return shipping. And one late present. Need to go shopping - DH and I picked out a new stereo for DS's birthday this weekend, but couldn't buy it with him there.

I did have a fine time shopping by myself whilst DH and kids went shopping for me. Hubby already bought my present and gave it to me. He just can't resist doing that. I now own some serious stones set in white gold. His desire to plant rocks on my fingers after all these years just makes me want to laugh.

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