Thursday, August 10, 2006

favorite headline of the morning

Traffic Stop Yields Crack, Rubies, and Gold

I wanna write newspaper headlines. LOL

Crack, rubies, and gold, oh my!

Or is it - Crack, Rubies, and Gold - the new outfield for the Yankees?

'Kay. Enough being mean.

Managed to go to Fort Myer this week without getting rearended. That's a plus.
DD and I did some college shopping - new umbrella, poker chips, stapler, post-it notes, etc. All the college essentials. Had lunch at our favorite deli, the Celebrity Dely in Falls Church. That is the best corned beef ever! Wasn't prepared for the fact that half the shopping center had been ripped apart for renovations. And Loehman's had moved over into the side with Linens and Things which is totally missing.

I was planning on planting some irises that a neighbor gave me and a brown-eyed susan this morning, but it's been pouring for two hours. Poor DS is at cross country practice in this. I feel bad, but not that bad. Builds character. Guess I should go do housework and build character...


Lee said...

Most CC runners seem to like running in the rain! And the muddier, the better. It sure beats the heat that they've had to endure for the past couple of weeks...

My son runs, too. They are certainly a different breed.

jo said...

Poor DS just wasn't feeling that great yesterday morning. And this morning I noticed he's moving slowly - I told him to run more before practices began, but instead he was focused on biking. At least it's cool again this morning.

Different breed = smiles!