Monday, August 07, 2006

painting part deux

When I opened that can of blue paint yesterday I asked myself what kind of fool was I?
That color, Office Blue, looked like baby boy blue. Yuck! But then I decided to trust my decision and started cutting in. This paint, thankfully, dried much darker. Phew. I was afraid I was going back to Lowe's. In between coats, I did go back to Lowe's. I forgot I needed a blank switchplate and I picked up a new phone jack in silver to match the rest of the room. Also bought a coping saw because I removed the vertical blinds in the kitchen but couldn't remove all the hardware from the wall. I'm just gonna cut through those screws and plaster over the holes. The bedroom looks so much better. I'm thinking a window scarf can help me camoflauge the hardware at the top of the blinds until I can afford to buy nice wooden blinds. We've got sliding windows onto the balcony in the bedroom and I'm not removing the vertical blinds unless I have a good way to block out light - as much as I abhor vertical blinds - I like sleeping in dark rooms more.

We're off to see Lady in the Water as DH took today off to recoup from his weekend drive to Conneticut.

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