Monday, August 14, 2006

Still Suffering Back Issues

But I got my plants in the ground on Saturday anyway. And I weeded. And did some pruning. Which is when I realized that my boxwoods have powdery mildew. ?????????
Now how come under the less-than-benign neglect of the former owner, these things were fine. And for me, someone who cares, I get problems? It's not because we've been having too much rain. This is not good cosmic karma stuff.

Friday night went to see the Air Force jazz band. And in between sets I wandered into William Sonama to see what's new and to be envied. I came out with 2 cookbooks. One on ice cream and the other is the Le Creuset cookbook. Both published in 2005 - both cost me $3.99. My bargain of the week. I guess I should go put my ice cream maker in the freezer.

And on the whole topic of cooking - on Saturday while I was out front playing in the yard and listening to the Red Sox vs. O's on the radio, my DH was out back in the gazebo smoking a cigar and watching the game on the TV he dragged out there. When I got too hot, I came in and popped the game on. And that's when I realized my DH was no longer watching the Red Sox. He was outside watching Jacques Pepin's Fast Food My Way. Came in and announced that when he takes up a cooking, and that he will take up cooking, he's gonna cook like Jacques. I can hardly wait. LOL

Yesterday we went in to the city with intention of going to the Spy Museum after a quick tour around the new exhibits at the National Building Museum. We spent way more time in the building museum than we planned. Saw the Green House exhibit, and an exhibit on Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower. Decided we took too much time and couldn't do the Spy Museum justice, so we went off to show the kids the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. It's just such an interesting piece of architecture. This byzantium dome and lots of gold decorations. And a gift shop that has glow in the dark crucifixes and Pietas. Nothing like crass commercialism and the Catholic faith. Did I mention the Bible Bars? You can google them to see for yourself.

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