Friday, August 04, 2006

mountain biking

No. Not me.

But DS got up early, which was okay 'cause I knew hubby would wake me up anyway before he left for a family reunion in CT. So I drove DS to a mountain biking haven in Maryland. Fortunately it's a Friday in the summer and the traffic on the beltway at 7:00 a.m wasn't that heavy.

While waiting for DS, I did the sudoku. I did the crossword puzzle. I read some Russian poetry in translation. I took a walk on the bike paths. Then I got out my needlepoint. This was a fact-finding trip for DS before he takes his sister and some friends there tomorrow. Came home. Made breakfast. And while watching a Nova rerun of David Attenborough's show on bower birds, we both fell asleep. LOL

But now my brain seems frazzled again. And my original plans are out the window. oh well.

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