Tuesday, October 03, 2006

end of wallpaper border

I was trying to post photos of my lovely wallpaper border (insert sarcasm here.)
But Picasa froze up on me. Will try again in a few minutes.

But I did get the last of it removed. Whoever invented Dif, thank you. Certainly made it easier. But it still was not easy. Had to scrape every tiny bit of paper off the wall with elbow grease and my trusty blue scraper. But it would have taken twice as long without the Dif.

Now we are contemplating paint colors. I was considering painting my 70s era cupboards. But DH is right. Probably too hard to make this look good and have it last. Settled on painting the backsplash wall and we're looking at red. This should detract from the cabinets. A cheap peel n stick flooring should help, too. And the ceiling needs to be cleaned. Now there's a job I'm not anticipating.

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