Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hard Hat Anyone?

We're going on a behind the scenes tour of the new Capitol Visitor's Center today. Hopefully DH has located a hard hat for me. It's not like I've got one. Though he does. And I have to bring it. Why didn't someone bring his own darn hard hat with him?

The hardware idea for the cabinets is a good one. We have already looked and decided on a style and color. I stopped by Lowe's yesterday just to see if there was anything better there than at Home Depot, but the selection was less than impressive. We're going with modern/contemporary and black. Though silver would work, too, I don't want to add another metal color to the kitchen. I've already got bronze windows and black shelves and a black pot rack. But picking a red paint color - not easy. None of the chips I've brought home so far are thrilling. I guess I'll keep looking. Maybe this time even at an actual paint store. That ought to confuse me.

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