Saturday, October 28, 2006

Yup - I Got It Cut

It's above my shoulders now with layers and no bangs, but face framing layers at the side. I'm pretty happy with what she did. And this hairdresser is a true bargain.

I may have to use a headband when cooking to keep the side layers out of my face, but I can live with that. In a day or two after I wash it, I'll try to get a photo.

I also broke down 3 weeks ago and dyed it. I was watching that Oprah show with Nora Ephron, Geena Davis, and Diahann Carroll when I decided that gray may be natural, but it's not all that flattering. I went a shade darker brown than my natural color and it only took my MIL about 2 seconds to comment on it when they arrived a few weeks ago. I think mostly it's because she wants her granddaughter who was once blonde, to go blonde again, and not be a brunette. Not that she was trying to start anything with me, 'cause that's not her style. But she does have an eagle eye for these things.

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