Monday, October 30, 2006

Quiet Weekend

Didn't do much. Suckered people into playing Monopoly with me. And why anyone ever let's me have the orange properties, I'll never know. Only took me 2 hours to win. That was fun! (Okay maybe suckered is too harsh - coerced. Yeah, that's it.)

I need to find a suit for my tall, skinny boy. You'd think 38L wouldn't be so hard to find. But apparently most American men are now rounder. It's easier to find a 48S. I'll be trying to fulfill this mission most of this week I'm sure. Fortunately, tall, skinny one has some afternoons free for the first time this school year. We're at that break between cross-country and winter track.

I intended to sit and stitch on my Black Forest piece yesterday. I think I put in about 10 stitches. Freakin' light was four o'clock light, not three o'clock light. And I also got distracted by the "House" marathon on USA. I hadn't watched this show before and now I'm totally hooked. I love the anti-doctor McDreamy.

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