Monday, October 09, 2006

You Might Not Believe This

But I proved I can go into a LNS and purchase only one skein of silk thread. I did it on Saturday.

I'm working on the Goode Huswife's "Black Forest" and it calls for 6 colors of Needlepoint Inc. silks. I remember when I kitted this up that I had difficulty finding one of the colors and chose the color one shade darker. Once I started stitching I decided that I needed the exact shade as the substitute color was too close to another color. I actually decided this on September 30th and placed an internet order, which I haven't received yet. And I ran out of patience - hey the order only needs to go from Delaware to Virginia and the stuff was supposedly in stock.

That being said: I stopped by one of my LNS and ran into a friend from EGA who was kitting up a Christmas stocking. Had fun talking with her and browsing around and I picked up some stuff, but put it all back and only bought the one skein of Needlepoint Inc. that I needed. This might be a first for me.

Next Job for the Painters in the House

I was going to buy red paint for the kitchen and paint this week before my in-laws arrive. When DS decided he finally wanted to paint his room. We've had the paint since before we moved into the house. He's a little slow. LOL And of course it's no normal paint job. It's dark green around the bottom of the room, a lighter green on top, and brown stripe dividing the two greens with squares along the stripe with a design in the squares. Or was it circles?

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