Thursday, August 02, 2007

Big Smiles

I don't know how well this vinyl peel n stick floor will wear, but every time I go into my kitchen, I'm smiling. I still have a some fiddly bits to lay along the edge of one wall - the very not square wall - all the cuts are on an angle. But DS came home yesterday and I put him to work mitering the shoe molding. He made a cut on his first piece wrong - LOL - I knew he would. But we were able to salvage that piece and he sat there puzzling over which way to cut each piece and figured it out. There is still a bit for him to cut. But between the clean floor and the unmarred molding, things look terrific.

I had a moment yesterday when I started to cut the edge pieces when I thought this was going to be a long, tedious process of making templates and I was going to want to shoot myself. But then I went online and found the trick for laying one tile on top of another to find where to cut. After that things moved right along. Even cutting for the floor register wasn't too bad. But I've got the curves at the door still to deal with and those aren't fun.

In other news: Big Smiles for my former professor, Charles Simic, for being named Poet Laureate of the United States. I will be going to the National Book Festival in September, even if it's just to see him read.

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