Thursday, August 30, 2007

Taken Down by a Bug

Help. I've got some darn pesky little thingies upsetting my digestive system.

At least this morning the Immodium seems to be working.

Poor DH had to make his own supper last night. (yeah, I know. It's good for him. Builds character and all. But I did feel bad for him. He's used to much better quality food.)

but I did finish organizing fibers, fabric, and kitted projects, UFO's, and miscellaneous stuff for stitching.

I went thru the ornament cuts and got ruthless. Way too many little pieces floating around with the idea that I could do something with them. Including plenty of Aida pieces from back in the day. They are no longer in my house.

I kept all large Aida pieces and I've got a rainbow of colors = blue, red, black, green, yellow, purple, all shades of white, cream, fiddlers and fiddlers lite. Lots of Hopscotch fabric. I've got Vinyl Weave, waste canvas. Prefinished items with Aida all set to have a design stitched on them.

And the linen. Oooh, the beautiful linen. Got a couple small pieces of 45 and 50ct. Italian stuff. I've got a rainbow of colors here, too. Belfast, Dublin, Lakeside, Picture This Plus. So fun to fondle.

All the DMC are back in order in their flossaway bags. Weeks, GAST, Crescents, silks, Needle Necessities, metallics, flower threads are all sorted. Their respective databases most likely need updating. But that is a project for another day.

Ultimate goal. Make a list of UFO's and kitted projects. Do not start anything new without finishing something from that list first.


Anna van Schurman said...

So organized for a sick woman!

And thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I'm not always that smart.

jo said...

Yeah, but that's nothing compared to what I had been planning on doing...

Much better today!