Saturday, August 04, 2007

Woke Up

I woke up at 4:41. Finished reading my current mystery by Charlaine Harris at 5:50. Got up. Made coffee. Read the paper. Started the Saturday Sudoku, which is of course a hard one. Fell back asleep curled up in the chair sometime before 8:00 holding the paper in one hand and the pen in the other. Woke up at 9:00. Finished the Sudoku quite easily. Bleh. Now I'm tired.

Not much happening today. Maybe some stitching.

Couldn't stay awake to watch 300 last night. Action, no plot. I was bored.

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Vonna said...

Hey! Found your blog! You make me smile and LOL! So on my bloglines you go! I'll be back :)
AND congrats on the LNS win and the turning of the certificate in to CC's...those are my favorite overdyeds too :)