Thursday, August 23, 2007

What Was Forgotten

Had an email from DS and now I know what we forgot. I'm going to be a good doobie and run the stuff down to him tomorrow. It's just over a 60 mile drive. I might try going to the back route just to check it out. Some times you just have to avoid the I-95 corridor and it'll be good to familiarize myself with that alternative.

I started the Mirabilia Halloween Fairy on Tuesday evening. I will freely admit that this is my first Mirabilia ever. But something about this little fairy spoke to me when I saw her as a work in progress by someone else. I also bought the Thanksgiving Fairy after much deliberation. Not impressed with the others. And will change some colors on the Thanksgiving one. Just don't like the mauvey stuff. Is that a word?

I'm about to name that Halloween Fairy. I think she looks like a Priscilla.


Jenn L said...

I've got Halloween and I'm sort of considering New Year's. One of the gals on my blogroll finished New Year's in about 35 hours stitching time. And I've seen lots of quick finishes on Halloween (who I'm going to name Hallie, I think, I know, not original AT all... {g}

Gee, maybe I should start her tonight since you just started. Surprise stitchalong! :)

Vonna said...

I too like the halloween fairy and I agree none of the others really spoke to me...I think Ms. New Years looks kind of flirty, but I wouldn't personally stitch her. Have a good time dropping your DS stuff off...I can remember doing that to my Mom too ;)