Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Textile Museum

A lovely place. It is currently in an older Georgian home mixed in among a bevy of embassies. But they will be moving soon into more space. It's a shame there isn't more room for them where they are because the building is charming and grounds are serenely beautiful.

The Tent Band exhibit was amazing. They are woven, some are embroidered, and most are about 40 feet long. The colors and detailing are impressive. And I'm glad some one has had the foresight to realize these are worth preserving. There was a video of a yurta being set up in the Mingei Museum in San Diego back in 1997. Absolutely stunning.

There was also an exhibit of Viennese textiles and a general textile exhibit. The hidden jewel would be the library which I perused quickly and will likely go back to and spend more time.

We then headed down the street to the Phillips Museum where there is currently an exhibit of American impressionism drawn solely from the Phillips collection. The painting chosen for the cover of the brochure is Gifford Beal's On the Hudson at Newburgh which was hidden under another canvas until 8 years ago. And there were our former views of the Hudson, Stony Mountain and all. Sigh. Made me miss NY. Very enjoyable. Plus the lovely pieces in the Phillips permanent collection - Renoirs, El Grecos, Goyas, Picassos, Klees, Kandinskys, Van Goghs, etc. The man had quite an eye for buying art.

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