Monday, August 13, 2007

That's Better

don't know why the pic I posted yesterday wasn't there. Watch, now it will show up twice. LOL

I should have another finish by the end of the week. Even though it is a busy time, getting two kids ready to leave for college. Need to wash new sheets, dishes, etc. Still have some shopping to accomplish, too. DD leaves with DH next Tuesday. And on Wednesday I bring DS to school. Then it will be majorly quiet around here. And cats will be freaking out at being alone with just me. They should just be thankful we're not leaving them with a pet sitter again.

It was a quiet weekend at our house. Watched the Red Sox win one and lose one. Had dinner at Big Bowl -yummy Crispy Orange Chicken and their homemade ginger ale. Last night I made spaghetti frittata and salad. I found some file cubes at half price at Target that hold 12" x 12" paper. Managed to put one together before dinner. Weeded the front yard. Decided to grow lots of begonias next year as they seem to be thriving with the heat and sun. This year I bought a flat of them whose name is Senator White. I'm thinking red, pink, and white begonias. Will have to decide if I want something behind them for height.

Next weekend. We are finally planning on going to the Textile Museum! Every time I plan for this, something happens to stop me from going. But not this time. It's the last weekend for the Afghani tent bands on exhibit. What I really want - to get a job there!

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