Monday, October 22, 2007

About that Free Furniture...

From the WBZTV website by reporter Peg Rusconi:

Along with bragging rights, some Red Sox fans have a lot riding on a possible World Series win for the team.

What might have seemed like a long shot back in April could turn out to be a monster deal for some of the Fenway faithful after a Jordan's Furniture promotion promised free furniture to customers back in April.

The promotion, pitched by Jordan's Eliot Tatelman, said anyone who bought sofas, dining room tables, sectionals, beds and mattresses during a week in April, will get the furniture for free should the Red Sox win this year's World Series. Tatelman now calls it the most fun promotion he's ever done.

"It's reached the point that wherever I go, whether it's a restaurant, or I'm stopped in the street, it's, 'I bought a mattress from you or a sofa from you and with the Red Sox, I'm gonna have this free,'" Tatelman said.

According to Jordan's current advertisement, more than 30,000 people may get a reimbursed for their furniture purchases if the Red Sox win the World Series.

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Anna van Schurman said...

That's my mom! She's getting a dining room table. (Good thing too, because she just bought it for show in a house that she'll be moving out of next year.)