Sunday, October 21, 2007

And on Saturday

Today was about being an EGA evangelical. We had a table set up in one of the local libraries and 4 of us at a time, sat there and stitched and answered questions. We all brought a project or two for showing off and distributed our literature.

My Tall Turkey project is a kit by Heart in Hand, Celia Turner, from 1998. It came with the fabric and button and I had all the GAST in my stash. I've got the head stitched and 3 feathers. Love the colors. That's what drew me to this piece to begin with.

Today was also about demolition. DH removed drywall in the office. And we went to Home Depot and bought some insulation and dry wall. Need to patch our big hole before I can paint. I started removing things from the room. But there's so much stuff. Oy.

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