Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Good Night

So it is not only Nats that can cause problems in baseball. It's the gnats. That was some sight at the Jake watching Joba Chamberlain et al fight off the midges. Glad that was happening in Cleveland and not Boston. And eventually the Yankees lost.

And today Manny is da man! Nice timing on his first home run at the Fens since July. But I gotta say that Jonathan Papelbon scares me. He's a bit intense. I would not want to the batter facing that stare. Then there's that crazed look in his eyes while dancing around Manny at homeplate.

I love October.


Anna van Schurman said...

I'm so sleepy today but HAPPY sleepy!

Anonymous said...

My DH said they should have called the game because of the gnats! Yeah, Yankee fan. I told him to toughen up! Or at least that's what he would have told me if it had been the Red Sox. Yeah Manny! Nancy in NY