Thursday, October 04, 2007

If You Dislike Baseball

You had better stop reading.

This is where I admit how my life has been overtaken by the Red Sox and this game they play with a little round sphere.

If I think about this (not bothering to look), I made one baseball post for opening day way back in April. I may have mentioned the Red Sox once or twice during the season. But I made no all baseball posts.

But it's the second season now and screw that.

Beckett - you da man! That was awesome.
Phillies fans - look out - apparently the Rockies are continuing their steamroll in the postseason.
Cubbies fans - you have only Lou Pinella to blame. What's will pulling Zambrano?

This is the second year that we purchased MLB for our viewing pleasure. Last year, it on cable, this year we've got satellite and added the sports pack so we get NESN all the time (except when the baseball nutjobs shut us out.)

This means we watch nearly every single game. That's a 162 game season. I haven't resorted to recording a game when out of the house. But I missed only a handful of games.

Yes, I live for this.

I blame my grandfather...


Anonymous said...

Okay,so it's my Dad's fault here! He loved baseball season and looked forward to Pitchers and Cathers like a kid waiting for Christmas. Anyway, I will always love the Red Sox. There, I've said it. I live in Yankee land,in a house of Yankee fans but I am a Fenway Faithful. Last night Beckett was amazing- What a show! I'm also with you on Pinella-jerk- never liked or respected him as player or manager. I have to look into MLB ticket on DirectTv next year. Bosox/NESN are always blacked out here otherwise. Nancy in NY

Kathryn said...

Since the Oakland Athletics were never in it this year at all (more people on the DL than any other team), I can root for the Red Sox, especially over the hated Yankees!

Me said...

I got the baseball pkg w/my DTV but was seriously irritated that they wouldn't let me get the after show comments, etc w/my pkg. I pay that kinda money I should get it ALL. Meffers.

I'ma Braves fan so it's not like I couldn'ta watched it on TBS but I hafta admit to being a Yankees fan. I think I'm the only person outside of NY that likes them. :o)

Gotta admit though, that Beckett, he is something else. Amazing.

jo said...

LOL. I knew I liked you, Nancy!

As for seeing NESN, we added the Sports Pack as well as MLB. Sometimes we don't get the NESN feed and have to suffer with the announcers in Kansas City, but I've learned to deal. We never have the NESN feed for games against the O's. But this way we get the pregame and postgame shows.