Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Has anyone seen?

The Drawn Threads new sampler, the Riddle? I like it. But I'm on a stash diet of sorts.

Little League by Country Cottage Needleworks? We've been watching Ken Burn's Baseball dvds. I can see doing this with slight modification.

Something in Common, Winter Cardinal? This would be for my MIL. But not this year. That's for sure.

Our EGA chapter is going to go sit in the lobby of one of our local libraries on Saturday. I am supposed to bring something to be stitching on and a finished project. Because I just finished the Halloween Fairy, I can't decide what to bring. Argh. I've got what, 35 UFOs? You'd think one of them would suit me.

Will not post for a couple of days. DH and I are headed off to see battlefields and ride steam trains and have lovely dinners and maybe massages? Who knows. The possibilities are limitless.

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Vonna said...

I HAVE seen "The Riddle" and I LOVE IT!!!! But I'm trying to cut back and I own the Little League...I'm thinking of doing one for my brother and his son for Christmas...