Saturday, June 21, 2008

Books and the Ice Bath

I just gave myself an unexpected ice bath when I picked up my glass with six ice cubes and water and dropped it in my lap.

What strange neurological sign is this? It just slipped right through my hand once I had the glass over my lap. Fortunately I was alone and no one saw. Instead I come here and tell the world. But the boys in my life do not know.

The past two days have been about acquiring used books. Here's what I got:

Hip to Crochet by Judith Swartz. I think I'll try the slippers and maybe even the tank top.

Blackwork by Marion Scoular, an old Leisure Arts pamphlet. How old? It's number 82. And it has the original unused transfers.

Creating Historic Samplers by Grow and McGrail. Can't find an image for this one. But it's the first edition published in 1974.

A Stitch In Rhyme from the Scarlet Letter. A very interesting reference book for me.

American Samplers by Bolton and Coe. Hmmm. I've been looking and this is apparently a hardcover reissue of a previously published softcover from the 1920s.

Jacobean Embroidery and Traditional Designs by Penelope. I see this one on Ebay for $48.50. Definitely not worth that. I paid $2.

Stitchery, Needlepoint, Applique and Patchwork by Shirley Marein. I was interested in her chapter on designing.

and lastly,

Embroidery Magic on Patterned Fabric by Parker and Martin. I'm not finding a photo of this one either. I find this one extremely interesting. Find a patterned fabric you love and add to it to create one of kind designs.

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