Monday, June 16, 2008

Making Up Is Hard To Do?

Totally copied from the Stitch Bitch:

This one is making the rounds. Make-up is sort of a constant battle for me because I am an old-school feminist from a fashion-forward family. Even my sister tries to get me to wear more make-up.

: If I think it's necessary, Bare Minerals.

Mascara: I swear by the green and pink tube, but lately there have been some new products with better wands.

Day Cream: Qu'est-ce que c'est? Day cream? Quoi encore? Maybe perhaps referencing what, if any moisturizer/slash spf containing product do you use? Olay Regenerist line if that is the question. I've been using something with an spf of at least 15 since age 25. I'm wrinkle free other than around my eyes.

Favourite Make-up Product: mascara - favourite? Did this thing originate in the U.K?

Perfume: Guerlain's With Love and something I picked up from the Gap last year which smells great.

Nails: medium length. Never used acrylics. Clear polish except when I feel like color.

Hands: Are going to betray my age and the fact that I like being out of doors. I've got age spots a-coming.

Feet: I am trying to work up the nerve to go for a pedicure. I have extremely ticklish feet. Touch them at your own peril. Got a pretty peachy pink polish on the toes right now.

3 Products to bring to a deserted island: Sunscreen, chapstick, good conditioner

Women I admire for their beauty: Maybe this should be women I think are beautiful. Because I don't admire any for their beauty.

Women with the best sense of style: This question supposes that I care. Nope. Don't care. Don't watch any of those stupid entertainment shows. Don't read any of those magazines.

My ultimate dream: To be a movie director? I might like that. Other dream remains unspoken.

How do I define womanhood: argh! Is this what comes after girlhood?

Favourite fashion publication: Got none. I guess the thing that comes closest would be reading the style section of the Washington Post.

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