Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What I Was Doing

I've just been organizing my bookmarks in my Stitching Blogs folder. I've acquired quite a few. And anything that hasn't been posted in more than 3 months, is out. I should probably organize them further, but this has taken long enough already.

If you go to Monsterbubbles blog she is looking for opinions on how to attract a young crowd to the world of counted stitching. It's in her post about the past weekend's TNNA market.

This is something that needs serious attention.

I've made some efforts here. Introduced younger people to this world. But I feel that it's wrong that at 48 I am one of the youngest members of my EGA chapter. How seldom one sees a younger person in my LNS. The knitting people managed to attract a younger crowd, but even they seem to be losing ground. With economic slowdown, we may see more people going back to handcrafts. Rambling. I know.


Coni said...

OK, this is something that I've wanted to do for a while now, but it looks like the thread about getting younger stitchers has inspired me to move off my heiney. I'm going to start a stitching club over at my alma mater and its sister school. Stitching is perfect for college kids...relatively cheap to start, very relaxing, portable, and a nice creative outlet. Probably won't attract the beer bong crowd, but I bet I'll be shocked at who might be interested! Anybody else wanna' join me?

Donna said...

Good for you! I finally got my college age daughter stitching last year and she finished her first project - an M Designs word tree - Dream.

She had come home and break and asked me to teach her to crochet because one of her friends was a knitter. We went to a needlework store that I knew also carried yarn and she picked up needlework instead of yarn.