Friday, June 13, 2008

Hey, If Anna Can Comment, So Can I


Too much stuff to say to just comment in the comment box.

So the new releases at the Hoffman website:

Bent Creek - gotta agree - something is up with that mouth

Brittercup - I like these. Amazingly enough.

Crossed Wing - pretty design. Absolutely stitched on the wrong fabric.

Fire Wing - There's room for different dragons. After all, not everything has to appeal to everyone. Which is why I'm not commenting on Cross Stitch Antiques.

Needlemania - Marc has made to Hoffman. This is good.

Nora Corbett - I find the letter C attractive enough because it looks Art Deco.

Not Forgotten Farm - why is there a house in the sewing basket? or am I looking at this incorrectly?


Willow Hill Samplings - I so want to like this Cinderella design. But there's too much open space to be compelling.

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