Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Did I Mention?

DH is out of town - gone to share knowledge with some peoples in Nashville this week. Which means I spread out a few canvas work pieces on the table.

First is Odette's Diamond. I found a new metallic to use on the inside of the Jessica's. Got a little more bulk to it and should show up better.

Next is a handpainted canvas of dogwood blossoms. It is supposed to be a coaster, but that doesn't thrill me.

Next are the colors for "Forever in Blue Jeans" by Northern Pine Designs. Look - I didn't make a single color substitution. Amazing. The directions - less than ideal. I started it last night and made a mistake in which color goes where, but I'm keeping it that way.

Last is DebBee's Design's "Glitz and Glamour - Peridot." Yup. Those colors aren't peridot. Because peridot would not live well in my house. But these aquamariney colors do.

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Wendy said...

Love them, Donna! I especially love Odette's Diamond.. who is the designer on that one?? I haven't tried many canvas pieces, but I've been snapping them up lately and will have to dive in. I love the pieces you've been doing lately.. just gorgeous and motivating!

Wendy (always lurking.. can't resist commenting!)