Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No New Orleans

Due to someone not getting his new work credit card, DH has decided not to fund this little trip to New Orleans on his own dime. Smart move. Maybe another day. And maybe I'll get to tag along.

Without revealing political leanings: We watched the debate last night. We watch them all. Politics is a spectator sport here. And I have to say that I am sick and tired of politicians sidestepping the question. The reason Sarah Palin looked bad in her debate was that she wasn't practiced in the fine art of avoiding the question and turning your turn to talk into your own little soliloquy. I'm tired of fingerpointing and accusations. I want to hear concrete explanations of positions. I want to hear plans for improving this mess we are obviously in. I don't want to hear this guy was friends with that guy so he must be bad. I don't want to hear you voted this way or that way when we all know that the reasons for voting one way often have nothing to do with the original bill because Congress allows legislation to be hijacked by special interests. I want to feel hopeful, but I don't. This whole election process has turned ridiculous.

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Kathryn said...

I wish it was JUST the election process that is ridiculous. But unfortunately politicians have made the entire government ridiculous. Bills called one thing that do something else entirely. Bills introduced by people who have not read a single word of them (the text just handed over to them by lobbyists and junior staffers with an agenda). Entire government staffs dedicated to trying to figure out exactly what the bill that was passed MEANS and how to implement it.