Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I've Had Some Comments on my Canvas

First - Odette's Diamond. The designer lives in Africa. She apparently made it to an ANG seminar and someone saw this piece she had done and asked if it was okay to make a chart and use it for the guild. So that piece isn't available commercially that I know of. I got to pick my own colors as the original threads are not known in this country, even using the internet. The Jessicas all have a smaller Jessica inside done with a metallic and Petit Treasure Braid was way too thin to show. I found some Silk Lame that goes with my particular color scheme. I was fortunate enough to take my 21 year old daughter to this class and we made her a red colorway. She got to start it before she left for school, but left it at home knowing she'd need guidance.

I put some time in yesterday on Forever in Blue Jeans. I love it. Works up quickly. I may hate it when I come to the rice stitch as she uses like 4 different fibers in that one stitch.

The dogwood canvas - I love. What I dislike is the idea of using it as a coaster! This little gem will deserve framing. Some century.

That's my quick update. I'm cooking a meal to bring to my friend who was hit by a car last week. Apple pie should just about be done.

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Anna van Schurman said...

It is well known that between September and December, apple pie cures everything. Best wishes to your friend.

Maybe I should make some apple pie this weekend...