Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Stitching for Me

But I did take my son to vote absentee before returning him to school. So it's official that he voted in a presidential election before his older sister did. There was a pretty fun group of mothers all doing the same thing here in Fairfax County, VA yesterday.

Over the weekend I started a piece of Assisi work as a part of gift. A bunch of us are stitching pieces and some one else is doing the assembly. I managed to graph out a *&%$%&*@*. (Can't say what it is. That's giving too much away, just in case.) There's tons of half stitches, but as I'm doing the filling with long-armed cross stitch, it's working out. My only problem may be the parts between the &%$@*. My original piece was a bit larger, but as I started I realized that this might kill my hand - having arthritis issues. It looks great, but no pics until after the gift giving.

I did finish an in my purse project just over a week ago. An Alice Peterson Stitch N Zip of roses. And then I started a new Stitch N Zip on Sunday night while sitting outside listening to a funky zydeco band. They were quite good. I'd never stitched to zydeco music before - probably made me go faster. I did quite a bit finished. These are terrific carry around project as they are needlepoint and you don't need a chart.

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