Monday, October 06, 2008

Not Much Accomplished

Did not do much over the weekend. So I'm off to a better start today. Been listing stuff on Freecycle. Time to move some more junk out of the house.

We had a neighborhood potluck on Saturday evening which was nice. It's the first one they've had since we moved in 3 years ago. I brought my artichoke dip which disappeared right away. And a chocolate rum cake for the desert contest. I got beat out by an all organic banana trifle. I'm okay with that. The good news is the one foreclosure in our cluster has been sold to a nice young couple who immediately started taking care of the yard. Yahoo! I hated going by that foreclosure sign every day.

I tried to do some stitching yesterday afternoon. But ended up frogging half of what I put in. And then it was time to make dinner. I won't make the mistake of not checking the direction of those stitches again. Can't believe I made that mistake in the first place. That was an error born of someone paying too much attention to her MP3 player...

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