Monday, October 20, 2008

This Week in Sports

No repeat this year for my Red Stockings. At least we didn't roll over and die. Made a series of it. And now I'll be rooting for the Phillies.

Coming up this week - I'll be teaching for the first time at my EGA guild meeting. Cross your fingers for me that this all goes well. I'm a bit perturbed as I ordered new (professional) charting software on 9/23. Well, I still do not have said software. It took a few e-mails to even get a reply from the vendor. That means today that I have to chart this piece of blackwork on my old, non-professional software. The new software should be arriving soon - watch - it will be here on the day of the teaching. I'm not frustrated by this. No. Kits are partially made up, but that doesn't take long.

And for fun yesterday, DH and I went in to D.C. for the annual booksale at the Department of State. First time either of us had been in that building. Interesting place. I bought an 8 volume set of Edgar Allen Poe, Randall Jarrell's collected poems, Maggie Lane's Gold and Silver Needlework, Needlework Masterpieces from Winterthur, and one other general needlework book. I had nice conversations with two of the lovely volunteers about needlework.

And lastly, in other sports news, I got to watch UNH play BU in ice hockey on ESPNU. Love that the pep band plays "How much is that doggie in the window" to needle BU.

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AmyNJ said...

GO PHILS!!!!! Good luck with the teaching.