Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's That Time of Year

Some of you knew that the Red Sox would be mentioned here sooner or later. Nice to see them celebrate making the ALCS. Now on to the Rays. Who knew that dropping the word Devil from your name could make such a difference?

And I did get some stitching in my Spooky Hill last night. And first thing I realized was that the chart is missing a symbol. I'm pretty sure she meant that part to be symmetrical.

Yesterday through the miracle of Freecycle I removed one hanging lamp, one computer desk, and 3 bookcases from my house. Now before anyone thinks I'm nuts parting with bookcases, these were small ones that have long since been replaced by bigger models. I'm not foolish.

Off to find travel size shaving cream and toothpaste as DH is leaving for New Orleans for a few days. I still can't believe he's going and I'm not. One of these days...

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