Friday, November 21, 2008


Time for another non-traditional Thanksgiving Day. The best one of these we ever had was in the Muir Woods above Santa Cruz. I made the mashed potatoes and carrots ahead of time and we grilled steaks. Went for a hike in the nearly vacant park (there were a few non-Americans enjoying their day off from work) and then came back and had pumpkin pie and whipped cream and champagne. And then we drove down into Santa Cruz and saw Toy Story on its opening day.

Another favorite day - though this one was much more traditional - was DH was officer in charge of the mess hall in Germany. Wow! What a spread they put on. DD was a toddler and she actually was cooperative and pleasant. (Ah. She. Knows. How. Bad. She. Was.)I have other pleasant memories of DH putting on the dress blues to go the mess hall and put in an appearance before returning home to a family feast. I don't miss Army life except when I do.

I am contemplating exactly what we should do this year. I think I've got the beginnings of a plan.

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