Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Visit

A few of us went and visited with our friend who was hit by a car a three weeks ago.
The scrapbook of this is frankly not for the squeamish. One of her family took a picture of her the first day in the hospital. You wouldn't even know it was her. And the pictures of the staples from her shoulders down her arms are appalling. Nearly 30 on each side.

But the good news is she is sitting in her chair and stitching. So far she's been working on small ornaments that she can stitch in hand. She's got a terrific attitude. It is all rather amazing.

I brought my long-neglected quaker piece. Another 1/2 hour of work, I can pick out a new color! Working on this has made me realize that as much as I admire those huge samplers done all in one color, I don't want to stitch one myself. I'd go bonkers.

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Kathryn said...

Agreed. I had a small sampler from Erica Michaels called Winter. I was stitching it on navy linen in white, but I simply couldn't stitch it all in the same thread. Most of it was white silk, but I used Designer's Dream light grey for the deer and metallic white for the stars. Even in a variegated thread, a huge project would be boring.