Monday, November 03, 2008

Surviving the Move

Any body want to guess how much stuff is in a needlework shop? I am certain you think never enough, but I've got to say today it was too much. Even with the before the move sales. I'm sure the owner and we volunteers will be sorting this out for quite some time. When Two Guys and a Truck pulled away this morning, I stayed behind at the old store to do some cleaning. Oh my. This place seemed so small with everything in it. Now it looks huge. Then we had lunch at the new store - carving out a space for a table and chairs. And then let's start attacking boxes. And moving furniture. And making decisions. We're all exhausted. I left at 4:30 to go home and stopped to get pizza on the way. I felt so gross, I took a shower before even one bite of the delicious sausage, pepperoni, and mushroom goodness. Tomorrow we're all taking the day off from physical labor. My goals for tomorrow. Vote and then come home and bake an apple pie. I'll be happy if I can move in the morning. That's why my goals are so high!

P.S. to Anonymous. I didn't sign any contract that said this blog was about stitching only. I've talked about baseball, my kids, other crafts, moving, museums, concerts, health issues, work, writing, etc. This is my quilting bee. And the conversation is fairly one sided. It will go as it will go.

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