Monday, November 17, 2008

a Meta Post

On the Blog List - In a Minute Ago is now Pin Tangle. She's moved from a free blogging service to a paying service. Makes one wonder how heartbroken would I be if I lost everything here?

Well. I did lose everything once during a reformat. And it took me a long time to recreate stuff. Some of it I never did.

But I think I've got back-up on most of the info as I keep an IRL stitching journal.

So while I'd be upset. It wouldn't be the end of my world.

On To Stitching

It is impossible to stitch in the car when the car I'm in is a small Mazda Protege that bounces with every little bump. That means I didn't get much accomplished yesterday. But I'm nearly done with having to pay attention to the graph. A couple of hours and I should be finished with this gift piece.

Went by our favorite used bookstore while in the Fred. I did find one book to add to the library: Tapestry Mirror History by F.P. Thomson. I wish all the photos were in color. But still. I think I'll be sitting down and reading this one cover to cover.

And I did stop by Everything Cross Stitch. 'Cause how could I not, when we ate right across the street at Soup N Taco. Don't laugh. The food is terrific there.

I got the latest issue of SANQ. I really need to resubscribe. An older Fern Ridge kit of Daddy Long Legs pin made with buttons. Sekas and Co.'s Shamrock Heart. And a new designer for me - Designs by Kathy - this pattern is called Reflection and is a Great Blue Heron. Photo on package and on website is a bit gray. The real life model is much more blue.

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