Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ornament Exchange

We've got this ornament exchange coming up. And at first I thought that maybe I wouldn't even participate. But. Then I dropped my NaNoWriMo and thought I'd channel some creativity this way.

And I decided an original ornie would be nice. And then a pendibule came to mind. And I was thinking all blue and white. And at first that meant white fabric. Until I went through the fabric stash and found a perfect small piece of Picture This Plus Midnight in 32ct. So I start doodling on the graph paper and searching for white threads. Just going to do some snowflakes, you know? But none of the whites I have are right except DMC B5200. Until I decide let's go with a metallic. So off I go backstitching my square and when I get around to the fourth side of course I'm off. Because the holes in this overdyed fabric are so freaking small due to the dyeing process. At this point I'm pretty confident that sides 3 & 4 are correct, so I start frogging side 1 and I keep stitching to see if I match up. I frog side 2 and keep stitching. I frog side 3 and finally match almost at side 4. It's like I stitched this foolish thing twice. Now time to go pick up those metallics and see if I can make it work on this overdyed fabric that must really be equivalent to 36 ct or higher. At least I had everything in my stash, beads and all. Only thing I bought for this is some blue silk ribbon to make a hanger.

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