Sunday, November 16, 2008

Off to Visit the Fred

Leaving soon to bring relief to college boy in the form of food. We'll take him out for lunch/dinner/whatever meal he is currently on and then take him shopping for food.

But meanwhile. Is anyone out there working on a big project that called for 32ct Navy Bean? I've got this 1/2 yard that I know I bought for something last year, but I cannot recall what. Argh. I hate that.


Wendy said...

I know Blue Ribbon Designs loves to use Navy Bean in their pieces. Did you perhaps pick up Red Building Blocks.. or plan on cutting it yourself for some of their ornaments (I think Autumn Wishes, and another of their Thanksgiving ornament designs calls for it)?


Donna said...

Thanks for trying. But I don't have any Blue Ribbon charts other than what's been published in magazines.

And you made me think. Which means I should go find my Midsummer Night's Designs "The Monkey Sampler." That might be what I ordered this linen for!