Saturday, May 01, 2010

It Was Late

Yesterday I took my LJP freebie, Summer Flower Boxes, with me to stitching and happily worked away on it. Apparently without paying much attention to details. 

Last night I had to remove some of what I had stitched earlier in the day and by the time I finished stitching last night the Red Sox game that had gone into extra innings was over and we had lost. 

But everything is stitched except the part that calls for 1/16 Kreinik ribbon. For some reason when I kitted this last year, I must have just used my stash. Because I had planned on substituting Neon Rays. Well, in looking at my finished version (see previous post), I now feel that this piece needs the bling of a metallic. 

The funny thing is that just this week I had reorganized my Kreinik. And of course I have absolutely nothing that works. I really don't have a huge Kreinik stash except for blending filament. So I'm off to remedy my problem and then I can pop this in the mail on Monday. 

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