Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bad Habits

Bad habits. I have a few. I can be lazy. Unmotivated. I like to lick my floss before threading my needle. 

But my current bad habit is not writing. See? This is what happens when I'm forced to take a ten day break from my computer. 

And today will start my renewed efforts to post as close to every day as I possibly can. I always forget the number of times we have to do something for it to become a habit. Or even who it was that came up with a number. More trivial information that has left the brain. I'm sure that someday I'll reach the point where I will have forgotten more than I remember. Please let me be unaware of this day. 

On the stitchy side of things:  I scored some more used books yesterday at a guild meeting. LOL Fell into the category of couldn't resist. But I did keep it reasonable. And I had a lovely conversation about books with another lady. Also made a beaded bracelet. In about two hours. This may be the easiest one I've done yet. No photo as it is gray and dreary here. Flooding expected later today. Sun will be out tomorrow and then I can take pictures. 

I'd like to point out that Gay Ann Roger's is running a series on needlepoint for beginners. If you ever wondered about the canvas side of stitching, you couldn't ask for a better teacher. Look here at needlepoint for beginners.

I've a got couple of things on order around the net. At Amazon:  Sampler Workbook: Motifs and Patterns Sampler Workbook: Motifs and Patterns
Caroline Vincent
Also:  Celtic, Viking & Anglo-Saxon Embroidery: The Art & Embroidery of Jan Messent Celtic, Viking & Anglo-Saxon Embroidery: The Art & Embroidery of Jan Messent
Jan Messent
The sampler workbook is new and won't ship till after March 15th. 
I've also got a 3 in 1 color tool and a color book coming from Soft Expressions. It's my first time ordering with them. Oh, yeah. And I order some Lutradur for playing around. If you're unfamiliar with this stuff, it's  a spun bond web material manufactured by Pellon. Many fiber artists are playing with it. There's even a book called Fabulous Fabric Art. There's info on it on Joggles and even videos on YouTube.  

All I have time for this morning. Off to stitching group!!!



Joan Schmidt said...

Donna, you got some fabulous books at the sale!

GrannySue said...

I enjoyed this post!! Is licking your thread to thread the needle a bad thing? I've always done it and can't imagine not going it. It probably puts digestive enzymes on the thread - oh well. I have lots of bad habits, but I figure at my age I'll develop new good ones instead of trying to break the old ones.

Bonnie said...

I've been 'eyeing' the Sampler Workbook. Once you receive it, can you bring it to stitchie so I can take a peek?

See you three weeks!

Anna van Schurman said...

They say it takes three weeks to change a habit. I'll be counting. ;)