Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Well, I never made it to Woodlawn yesterday. Life intervened. It's a good thing I hadn't made plans with anyone. 

Now I doubt if I'll get there this week. 

We're having a new front door and window installed - I can hardly wait to have that ugly faded, red door gone. I wish I could install something pretty and stylish, but because of convenants the door must be plain steel. At least we can pick out a new color! 

And while the door's being installed, I'll be doing some advance cooking. I'm heading to Bethlehem PA this weekend for the Mid-Atlantic EGA Regional Seminar. One beading class and Catherine Jordan's Knot Garden which I am very excited about. Going with some friends and we'll all  have a very nice time!

Need to go kit up Count of Needlemania that my ANG chapter is going to start working one. At first, I thought I'd skip this one, but I've reconsidered. 


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