Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Morning Update

Today is maybe an okay day to head off to Woodlawn to see the show. I like going on a sunny day much more than a cloudy day. My only other free day is Wednesday and it's going to rain here so that's out. I will be there one day at the end of the month, but I can't wait to go and see all the pretty, inspiring projects. It's not bright and sunny outside yet, but the sun is trying to break through these clouds. 

Saturday was Loudoun Sampler Guild and we had the Piedmont Lace Guild come to visit with us and talk and demonstrate. A lovely group of ladies! Some of the work they do is tiny and fine and you nearly need a magnifier to appreciate it. I loved the piece one of them created with a collage frame - you know those frames that are several frames all attached together - and she had mounted different lace pieces in each frame. Makes a stunning display. And had me wondering if I wanted to try something like that with needlework. If I see a frame like that in my travels, I'll be buying it. 

This week is all about me finishing a bargello design. And starting the serious work on my color class. 

Well, here comes the sun. Time to get dressed and go!


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C in DC said...

The few times I've been to Woodlawn, it's always been overcast or raining. Unlikely I'll get there this year, sadly.