Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Right, Right

Look. I know I said I'd be back here yesterday to post a progress photo on Stars, but I got involved with Marlon Brando and I just couldn't leave him alone. 

I mean, once you get your hands on something like Marlon, you just start marveling at what an evil genius Mr. Minierie is and that's it. You're lost. 

It was somewhere in the second layer on the rice stitches that I caught on to his evil, evil plan. 

He starts things simply enough. But things rapidly start building and soon you're just amazed at how pretty and shiny things are. And then he brings you back down with some wool and then adds more wool. And before you know it, you're mesmerized. Completely lost. And you can't stop. (Good thing I'd made the meatballs before starting the pink wool...)

I finished off Marlon last night at 7 p.m. And then ate dinner. And did the dishes. And took a photo.

Here's how Marlon fits into the general scheme of things. Remember, at this point I am working the piece upside down. That will change soon. One more bar of sashing and I can see what surprises Cary Grant has in store for me.

Oh. What's the evil plan? To make it impossible to put this piece down.

A little bit of bargello I'm whipping up as I go. Frame weight, maybe?

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Kelly said...

Love the Stars piece. Your colors are very pretty. What a great idea to make your bargello piece into a frame weight!!

C in DC said...

Wow. I'm really loving the colors you're using on this.

CalamityJr said...


Sara Leigh said...

Looks lovely! You're two blocks ahead of me. Sigh.

Bonnie said...

Beautiful work, as always. I am LOVING the bargello piece. Want to know more about that perhaps when I am home next week.