Friday, March 11, 2011

A Shout Out for Great Customer Service

The items I ordered from Soft Expressions on Tuesday arrived at my house on Thursday. 

Terrific turn around time.
Yes. It is a quilting site. But as stitchers, it's fun to step into these other stores sometimes and see what's new. Maybe find some interesting buttons for embellishment. Or try dyeing. Or experiment with gold foil.

I've got three different "color" challenge pieces in the works right now. Which is why I wanted the 3-n-1 tool. Finding the book was a bonus. And it's a gorgeous book. Plenty of photos and terrific explanations about choosing color. 


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Isdihara said...

Great customer service truly deserves a shout out, but so do you! For your kindness and gracious hosting of our small, but merry band of lacers at your sampler guild meeting today.

I had a marvelous time meeting everyone and seeing the various embroidery samplers (and other stitching projects). Such beautiful workmanship! I left feeling inspired.