Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woodlawn Needlework Show 2011

First, I know a lot of people are disappointed that there was not an online slide show of the entries this year. I have e-mailed that question and we'll see if I get an answer. 

I do love volunteering at the show. This year I only went once. And I find myself debating now if I should give the commitment of joining Nelly's Needlers. 

I was sorry to see so many smalls stuffed into the display cases, making it difficult to truly appreciate them. There were some lovely original pieces in the very first case in the reception room - all by one woman. And the childrens' pieces this year were fantastic. A Girl Scout Troop had submitted some wonderful cross stitched pieces. And there was fabulous counted canvas piece upstairs on the linen room door also by a junior stitcher. 

It was nice to see four pieces of needlepoint by a 93 year old man who was honored by a special director's ribbon. And John K.'s samplers continue to amaze me. I don't know how he does it. And watching Jeff K. step off into the world of original design has me cheering. I loved his Halloween themed piece from last year. And this year he's been very original. 

The only piece that spoke to me about find me and stitch me, was an original colorway of a counted canvas piece by Tara R. I'm trying to track down the name of the piece now. The stitching was superb. Not to mention her color choices. 

My favorite part of the day was that one of my guild members who was coming in to volunteer for the afternoon shift won the People's Choice Award for her Japanese embroidery. Congratulations! 



Sara Leigh said...

As I understand it, the person who did the photos last year wasn't able to do it this year. I missed you yesterday, as I didn't get over there till closing time to take a couple of pictures of Kurdy's pieces. And I've been wondering how long you'll resist the siren call of Nelly's Needlers.

Erica said...

I think I can help you with the piece you're so interested in....

I believe it's Diamond Delight from DebBee Designs.

Hope that helps (and that it's the right piece!)...

Tara said...

Thank you for your compliment!

It is a commercially available item -- DebBee's Designs, Diamond Delight IV.

DebBee's Designs do encourage everyone to change their
colours since she prints a table at the beginning of each chart to
help with colour derivations.

Ruth Schmuff's shop Bedecked and Beadazzled, is so helpful for me in pulling colour choices. She has everything laid out by colour family. That is where I bought the supplies for this piece & had the framing done. It is actually hung as a diamond in my house.

Overdyed was: Treeway Silks Daylily
6 strand floss 1 : 970
6 strand floss 2 : 971
floss 3 : 947
floss 4 : 946
floss 5 : 900
floss 6 : 734
floss 7 : 733
floss 8 : 732
floss 9 : 731
floss 10 : 730
#8 Metallic braid : Kreinik 091
#16 metallic braid : Kreinik 9200

I actually bought 9200 in both sizes. I used it in a #8 on page 2, the Center Jessica. I then used the larger, #16 braid of it on page 33. I preferred the coverage that way.